NVIDIA Updates GeForce RTX 3060 Ethereum Throttle; Updated Drivers Required For Future 3060s

Via Anandtech here. Full disclosure, I used to have a stake in Ethereum mining, but got out around late 2019. Now, having gotten that aside, as much as I hate corporations dictating what a consumer can do with their product, I’m pretty inline with this decision. The cryptomining market has exploded over the past two years, and Ethereum is one of the biggest players, with a market cap of $400 billion (as of this writing via CoinMarketCap), and is second only to Bitcoin. Not only has this constrained the market for GPU’s above 4GB (the current VRAM size needed to hold the Ethereum DAG in memory), but it has put a fantastic toll on the power system. As more people come on board the crypto train, the more power usage goes up. And not a small amount of power, either. A report from the BBC this past Feb estimated that global cryptomining power usage was roughly equal to that of the country of Argentina. As well, this is a failure on the part of the GPU producers to step up to the market to produce cards specifically for mining (although NVIDIA is off to a good start with it’s CMP HX line). Hopefully, this will ease the current GPU shortage a bit, but I foresee these hash-limited 3060 cards to fetch a premium, at least at release.

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